Saturday, May 16, 2009

Favorite Fiddle Tunes - the short list

Favorite Fiddle Tunes

This list was sparked by a question yesterday, from Marcy Marxer, whose music makes me smile. I'm sure my list will change based upon getting my fiddle re-haired a.s.a.p., and in tune, for Summer... I'd love to see (and hear!) someone else's list, and beg your pardon if this is a bother. Let's play tunes, y'all.

In no particular order, then:
  1. Big Sciota
  2. Elzic's Farewell
  3. Billy in the Lowground
  4. Leather Britches
  5. Liberty (off A Corn Liquor Still in Georgia, a 78 rpm record by The Skillet Likkers)
  6. Valse de Balfa (Balfa Waltz)
  7. Hell Amongst the Yearlings
Postscript: If I could remember the B part, I'd include a tune in the key of C, heard once, in the late 1980s, at the old Raymond home on Jonas Avenue, Athens, after one North Georgia Folk Festival: "Rattlesnake Bit the Baby."
That was the session I met both Mik Kinney and Joe Nelson for the first time, fiddling on opposite sides of a session in one front room... with other music going on in three or four other rooms, at the same time.
Joe Willey mentioned he had cassettes of other sessions in the house with Rob & Mary (of Wahoo Lulu & the Alabama Goober Grabbers). I've got mental memories of those evenings.
In my sound memory, everyone shouted out on the high part of this tune, "Rattlesnake bit the baby..." three times. Where'd that come from?

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Pat Shields said...

How bout Shenadoah Falls, Sailors Hornpipe and the ole Forked Deer!

Saw ole Ash last weekend. He did have the party place for rebrobates.

I'llpost what I can remember from those music parties when I can remember 'em!